paypal1PDI service: £25.00
Have you or are you thinking of buying a bike over the internet? These bikes always get sent dismantled so they require assembly with the correct torque settings and safety checked. We can assemble that bike and set it up for you and get you out on it as soon as possible, providing all the components are included and are fit for purpose.
All work is carried out to the correct I.S.O standards and with the utmost detail and care.

Basic service: £35.00

  • Tyre condition checked, correctly seated and inflated
  • Bolts checked throughout and torqued to the correct industry standard settings
  • Visual inspection of bike and frame
  • Brakes checked and correctly adjusted / set up (non-hydraulic)
  • Gears checked and correctly adjusted / set up
  • Fitting of all inner and outer cables for brakes and gears
  • Frame and Fork clean

Intermediate Service: £65.00

The Intermediate service includes all of the Basic Service plus,

  • Wheels checked and trued in a professional wheel jig
  • Headset service, fitting of bearings (if required), visual inspection and re grease
  • Bottom Bracket Service, fitting of bearings (if required), visual inspection and re grease
  • New Inner and Outer Cables fitted on Brakes and Gears (if required)

Full Service: £95.00

The Full Service is the Ultimate Service. It includes all of the Basic service and Intermediate services plus:

  • Full bike strip down, valet and re build
  • Visual inspection of all parts and components
  • New Brake and Gear inner and outer cables (price of high quality basic cables included)

Individual repairs


  • Brake Adjust and setup Calliper, Cantilever, or V-Brake - £12.50
  • Brake cable, replacement of inner and outer cable, set up and adjustment (per Brake) - £15.00 or Both £25.00
  • Full Brake service, strip down, inspect, set up and adjust, including Quality Brake cable inner and outer (per Brake) from - £20.00
  • Hydraulic Brake service and bleed (per Brake) from £22.50

Gears and Drivetrain

  • Front or Rear Derailleur Set up and Adjust from - £12.50 Both £20.00
  • Gear cable replacement (per Derailleur) - £15.00 Both £25.00
  • Chainset – Replace or new chain rings from - £15.00
  • Degrease and Lubricate Drivetrain - £20.00
  • Bottom Bracket replace or Service (including facing of Bottom Bracket shell if needed) - £25.00
  • Chain replace - £8.00
  • Cassette replace - £8.00
  • Combined Chain and Cassette replacement - £15.00

Wheels, Hubs and Tyres

  • Tyre or Tube replacement (per wheel) - £7.50
  • Wheel trueing or re tension from (per wheel) - £10.00
  • Front Hub service - £12.50
  • Rear Hub service - £15.00
  • Both Front and rear hub service - £25.00
  • Free Hub replacement from - £20.00

Headset, Bars, Stem

  • Headset replace or Service - £25.00
  • Stem replace - £10.00
  • Handlebar replace from - £20.00
  • Bar tape replace - £15.00

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